How is it made?

The Orbit is constructed using the same methods and materials as the worlds finest furniture.

The Orbit is made from pressure formed laminated birch. Multiple layers are laminated together in a complex custom made form. Similar to building a drum, but made more complex by the elliptical shape.

The shell is padded inside and out with a densified polyester batting that is hypoallergenic, does not absorb odors, and will retain it's loft for decades.

The fabrics used in The Orbit are the cutting edge in textile technology. These fabrics are specifically selected for their soil and stain resistance, wear-ability as well as their luxurious look and feel.

The chromed steel base of The Orbit is lightweight, sturdy and beautifully shaped.

The Orbit assembles easily, without tools.

Our clients often find their cats spending quality time with their "new friend" reflected in the base's subtle curves.

Your cat will find the shape of The Orbit intriguing and cozy.

We have heard from clients that entertain frequently that their cats no longer hide when they have a cocktail or dinner party. They go straight to The Orbit and watch the evening unfold. The Orbit was engineered to be a home within your home. A place that belongs to your cat. Thoughtfully engineered for a cats needs.

If you have any questions about the materials used in the construction of The Orbit, or getting your cat accustomed to The Orbit, feel free to contact us using the form below.